Triggers and Train Whistles?


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Can any body tell me what the steps are for programming triggers specifically in such a way that the train whistles blow as the trains are passing them?

I have been through the instructions for setting triggers several times and still have not been able to make enough sense of it to see how to do specifically that.

Is it possible to set it so the whistles can blow multiple blasts of variable lengths and also for the bells to ring if it gets below a certain speed?

Any guidance is appreciated

Hi there

First of all witch version and what country are you working with.

In 2006 there is built in ones that work with out all that effort.

For 2004 left handed there are some from UKBL

A W on a post
A black W on white Square background on white post
Thw word Whistle in black on white background and white post.

I thought I have seen but not sure a X on a post that is active.

ON DLS there is German active ones for all the combinations of Whistle and Bell

Whistle only
Bell Only
Whistle + Bell
Whistle Twice
Bell Twice

On both White and red White Posts.

Try a seatch for Whistle

Hope this helps

You need to download the whistle sign rule this is were you can set up the signs/trackmarks to sound when a train passes. The length of the whistle is set by the engines own whistle so will not vary. Enter whistle into the DLS search to find a range of signs that will work with the whistle rule.