Triggering multiple paths with Mission Code Manager


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I'm converting my route from using a series of "autodrive through" and "ITsetpath" commands to Mission codes to make it easier for player controlled trains. I am wondering how path triggers work. Which triggers work for which path? I am trying to trigger multiple paths down the line with the same trackmark and it doesn't seem to work as desired, the signals ahead show stop until the train is very close to them. I would like these paths to be able to be set well in advance. It seems mission code manager looks ahead of each path for the trigger/track marker so if there is only one trigger it doesn't "see" it there?

I've only used EITs with AI trains so I don't know whether this will work for certain with player controlled trains. In my experience ordinary automatic path assignment takes place when the train is about 1km from the start signal for the next path. Sometimes this is too short a distance, on a high speed line for example when the train will start to slow before the next path is set.

By placing a path trigger further out from the start signal, the path activation can be activated sooner than the default distance. As far as I can tell it only looks for the first starter signal that it can find, however there are a number of parameters in the Mission Code Manager rule that allow you to define a follow on path. I have used these on routes in the past and they worked quite well so they may be a solution to what you want to do.