G'day casanova419 & belgian46,

...Kurt and David, I too, get this message when trying to access the National Map via the link provided in the Web Mapping Services dialogue in TransDEM. I suspect that there has been a recent change in the "address" of these services and an adjustment needs to be made to the 'settings' in the 'dialogue'. As an aside, which is somewhat unrelated, I regret to advise that you will find that the source for our "beloved" MSR maps is no longer available. They were officially withdrawn some two or more years ago and it is only just within the last two weeks that the server has finally ceased to respond. You will need to obtain these maps (or their current DGL equivalent), via GeoPDF download, see this thread in the TransDEM forum for my most recent conversation with Roland on the matter, in order to continue with your 'work'. This WILL mean a 'new' work-flow but until Roland returns from Cambodia and adjusts things for the new WMS on the USGS website (if that can be done), that is the only way it can be done...

Jerker {:)}
Thank you for confirming the error. I just reinstalled TransDEM, couldn't connect to the map server, and thought I had technical problems.

Hopefully Roland will have this sorted out soon.

Does not the link I provided above connect to what you want? It's the National Map viewer, which provides downloads for map imagery as well as DEM data.
Tnx for all the replies. We just have to wait for roland to update the wms and map tile service settings.

I took a look at it myself and the referencing servers on the USGS site. Their instructions on how-to link, etc., are written in "government", which means it was the most confusing convoluted thing anyone can imagine. I agree. Let Roland do us the favor and fix it. :)

G'day steamboateng,

...yes, Sir, your link does, indeed, lead to the home page of the USGS National Map Viewer, where one can, after a somewhat convoluted process, download the Topographic Map data for most places within the Continental United States but that link is of no use to anyone wanting to access their Web Mapping Services, which will provide those exact same 'maps' with relatively little effort compared to any other method capable of being utilised, by a TransDEM user...

Jerker [:)}
When I last checked a few days ago, the WMS link didn't work for me either. It may have changed address or may now be discontinued. I can't really investigate at the moment, being on holidays in Vietnam. You can, however, download the GeoPDF topo maps via National Map Server, as Jerker as already laid out.

From Dalat, Vietnam, via hotel Wifi
I meant to post this last night, but the GeoPDF services are down. I had been receiving an invalid URL error using the Map Locator, not WMS. I emailed the USGS last night, and then called today, and they had already reported the outage to the responsible team. Let's see what happens in the next day or so.
G'day RRSignal,

...thanks fort the advice but a quick check just now (at 01:35 hours local time) gave me the opportunity to download a random Quad ("Miami", Texas, as it turned out) from the Map Locator and Store page on the website, so I can only presume that the site is back up and running. I know for certain it was 'good' on Monday, just past, when I last used it...

Jerker {:)}
Why do countries outside the US use "holidays" or "holiday" not meaning a special day of celebration like Easter, Christmas, 4th of July, etc. but rather "vacation" or travel? Is it a British thing?