Issue Installing Transdem Update


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Long time lurker and first time poster. Using Transdem for the first time in a few years, decided to update as my version is old. Trying to run the 64 bit update installer (yes, 64 bit is correct) and I get the errors pictured below every time. I have deleted and redownloaded with no success. Any help?

Thanks in advance
Welcome to the forums!

What version are you updating from?

The patch is meant for 2.6.6 to update to and you need version 2.6.6 installed. If you don't have the older version, then this could be the problem.

I also recommend signing up on the TransDEM forum and asking the same question. The forum is located on Roland's website and he does answer questions there. If you do get the problem resolved outside the forums here, please let us know the results.