Trainz refuses to launch


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All of a sudden I am having problems getting Trainz to launch and , when this happens, the only solution appears to be to uninstall and reinstall - quite tedious with the basic game plus seven commercial routes and three home produced routes. I originally thought it was the well known problem of closing down too quickly after making additions in Surveyor but I'm now convinced it isn't this as I have been extremely careful. The symptoms are either that it attempts to start from the desktop but then freezes after the initial opening screen or the desktop shortcut does nothing at all. Right clicking and selecting "open" doesn't work either and nor does trying to open from the start menu.

This problem first occurred in September but has happened twice in the last two days and is getting me worried.

Any ideas gratefully received.

I had it also ones , i did "system restore " or "system recovery" in windows .

I don't know how to name it in english.
Now this is curious - I've just been into the PTP folder in my program files and noticed that the assets.tdx file is missing. I don't know why and I certainly didn't delete it. I've never ever come across this before. Of course I can't now let it rebuild because I can't open Trainz. For the record, the last time I used Trainz was on Sunday. I had reinstalled after the last failure, opened the route I am building and added a few more bits and pieces. Everything was working normally. I waited about 15 minutes, shut down Trainz, then did a backup as usual - still everything normal. Then tonight I came to open it and, well, you know the rest.
The mystery deepens.