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Hi all, I am new to this game (ts 2009 world builder) my question when I download QR locomotives from the DLS most...if not all content is missing dependencies the main culprit is kuid 25:175 QR 2100 can anyone help...please
Hello and welcome to the Forums. :)

A lot of QR content has been updated to TS12 standards and utilises TS12-specific KUIDs, most specifically ones starting with -25:.

If you open the content for edit in Explorer, and open the config.txt file in Notepad, you can change the KUID numbers of the assets referenced to remove the missing dependencies. can help you with this. You can type in the KUID that is missing and it will find for you a download link or at least the name of the asset. It can find the names of TS12 built-ins and that will allow to you search for the TRS2009 equivalent.

If you have Skype, feel free to add me there and I can provide more instant support.

I hope that helps.


By the way, I note that you have TS12 registered to your username. If you use that version and patch it to at least build 49922 you won't have any issues with not having access to TS12 built-ins.
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