Trainz Plus Beta Update now with S20 (115583)


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Yes, it's time for our Trainz Plus beta testers to get their hands on this massive new feature. This patch will also update your build to the TRS22 version of Trainz - see below for more information on what that means in terms of finding your TRS19 data folder etc.

This is a BIG change from habits built up over many years, so while the goals of building routes are the same, the way you achieve those goals are quite different.

We do not expect that everything will be immediately obvious, and so we've created an online guide to help you out.

We've also created a Surveyor 2.0 Discord chat channel. We will be online whenever possible to answer questions and even provide some live streaming for those who do not have access to the beta.

As usual, please use the Trainz Bug Report form to send your reports into QA for testing.

You will notice that this beta release will have the “TRS22” branding (i.e. the Title Bar shows Trainz Railroad Simulator 22). Full details of what is included in TRS22 and when it will be released will be announced in the coming weeks. For now there’s a landing page for [/COLOR]TRS22 here

Trainz Plus and Gold Class members of course will get access to TRS22 as part of their membership.

Patch Information:
Patch from 114800 to 115583 (9.4GB) or from 115373 to 115583 (6.6GB). Sorry PC only at this point.
Edit - currently two patches required from 115373, there will be a new direct patch available a little later).

It is also trainzbuild 5.0, making content created in this version incompatible with the current TRS19 builds.

NOTE: This update will create a new TRS22.exe (which means and TRS19.exe shortcuts will no longer work).
When you start TRS22 it will create a new local data folder. To access your old TRS19 data folder, open Trainz Settings > Install tab and navigate to your old folder, then restart Trainz.
A new folder will be created here - C:\Users\<your PC name>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs22\build hs8cfd6h1
Navigate to your old folder here - C:\Users\<your PC name>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs19\build tr31qst51[/B]
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I'm not a Trainz Plus member, but I read the docs anyway. This looks like a very positive change of direction.
Patched to 115583. DBR's completed.

Can't see S20 anywhere. Get the following error whenever starting Trainz
You are automatically in classic view. Goto the drop-down menus where you have driver mode plus a choice of S20 or classic surveyor mode. Those errors are because assertions are set to on in the beta versions. They will get switched off when it is a public release.
I find that my very large route has now encountered some delay in driver commands being changed or activated. TRS19 drive to trackmark would cancel as soon as the loco got in touch with the TM radius. In TRS22 it gets to the trackmark and the command does not delete straight away, it waits for various lengths of time, and when it does delete it thinks about its next command before execution.
Installation to build 115583 went smoothly. Initial impressions are very good. The ability to switch between Classic Surveyor and Surveyor 2.0 could be very useful and the possibilities in using 2.0 are very exciting. There is much to learn and not enough time!

Please bring back the old ruler. I think that copy/paste don't work. Following the tutorial at Making a Forest - S20 Tutorials (, I tried to make copies of trees but what is "Main" Anchor Point? I thought that there will be new tools for working with tracks but laying curved tracks still create curved tracks that are not smoothly curved.
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The anchor point is the rotating or moving point. On a track you can now have an anchor point in between spline (anchor) points and move the whole section and keep its original shape. All curved track needs a straight section at the start or end to force a smooth curve.
Sharpening effect when Post Processing is on "Ultra" has been removed? I feel like everything is like before...
Old ruler is available (as are all the old tools). Switch to classic in the tools menu.

Copy = select then Ctrl-c
Paste = move to a new location then ctrl-v.
you can also use the contextual menus.
Please advise what you are trying that isn’t working.

As mentioned, use straighten track at either end of a curve to get a smooth curve. You could then also save various curved sections as scrapbooks.

The sharpen effect is w.i.p.

this is phase 1 of S20 so still plenty more tools and improvements to come.
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Game frequently stuck on "Contacting authorisation server" for up to several minutes (max in previous builds was a couple of seconds).
Installed OK.
Impressive ! Way to go !
It is now possible to build with higher precision.

Kind Regards
Nice surpise for the cold weekend to keep busy and curious!:mop:
DL as we speak 6GB 1 more hour to go in the next trainz heaven;)
Y'all have a great TRS22 2.0 weekend