Trainz for Mac 2010 .Help needed to transfer edited route from mac to pc


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g'day all.
i've been using trainz 2010 mac version and have become obsessed with the rollins pass route.

i know this has been modelled extremely well by jango/norm hart etc , but for various reasons i won't go into here , I haven't gone down that road ( although i have been playing with it on TANE and it looks great ) .
Instead for the past five months or so i have been using the Denver and Rio grande western moffat subdivision 1.5 route kuid 682163:100297 whichI found on DLS, as a base to make my own version of the route that will be usable on Trainz 2010 Mac , which is very stable and glitch free ....... so far :)

Partly as a learning exercise I have junked almost everything but the basic topography for this route and after many hours of research looking at countless old images form the denver public library and other sources I think its getting there. I have tried to make the scenic content more accurate , its purely for my own satisfaction , but i've spent a lot of time on this and don't want to lose the work i've done on it so far.

I've been able to backup this route previously and to transfer it onto other drives, but looking at my backups folder, it now appears that the route hasn't been backed up for about six weeks ! This is despite me saving it constantly and even renaming it a number of times . I would lose about 60 hours work to revert back to the other version that is backed up , (which i can just dump on a usb and load up into trainz on the pc ) , obviously this is not a good thing :-(.

These new renamed versions I have made of this route reside in my "installed "folder in the trainzcontent file manager on the mac , theres no problem opening them etc, but when i search my computer , there is no sign of the route anywhere, it has been assigned new kuids, but i can't find them, in fact , I can't find any recently saved trainz documents at all. nothing past October !

The computer sees the Trainz program itself as being used, but its not registering anything other than that , and my attempts to find the recently saved content are all in vain. i'm not happy with this situation as I will eventually need to move on to later versions of trainz and the mac version won't allow me to make the changes I wish to so i can make this route work on tane or 2012.

  • I want to make a backup of this route that I can transfer to my PC running trainz engineers edition ( which will allow me to edit and create content much more easily than on the mac, which has very limited possibilities compared to the windows version.
  • If i can do this than I can make a CDP file of the route and i would feel much more secure about having a backup to fall back on in the case of the route file corrupting , i can also work on the route in windows and do some reskinning etc.
  • Has anyone any ideas how I can find this darned file on the Mac and then transfer it to the windows machine ?
  • Has anyone ever come across this problem before ? any ideas where the route file could be ?

  • I have never uploaded anything to download station , but theoretically , could i upload the route kuid to download station and then download the kjuid to the pc and create a cdp file that way ? short of finding the backup file to transfer ( which i have done before ) I can't think of any other solution . would I be able to download the kuid from the my trainz account "my content" page ? I don't want it on the download station site as its not fit to be presented to the trainz community at the moment .

Any help on this rather complex and frustrating issue would be much appreciated as its driving me round the bend and consuming rather a lot of my time that I would rather be using to improve the route

Also any info on whether the newer Mac versions of Trainz have the features of the PC content manager or creator would be most welcome as i cannot find any info on this at all that is meaningful or detailed, short of buying a new mac version i can't seem to find a conversation or help file that tackles this issue
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the solution for other mac users

i solved the issue of exporting a backup to use in windows.
  • open the kuid file for editing in mac content manager
  • open the edit in finder menu bar
  • this will direct you to the file, which , (if you ensure the path bar option in the finder view menu is visible, will show you where the file is located
  • the path in my case was mac hd1>users>username>library>application support>trainzsimulator>editing> and the file itself
  • i backed it up on a usb, dragged it into trainz 2010, had some issues with telling me that the config.txt file contained illegal items.
  • it did however, accept earlier versions of the route..
  • TANE had fewer problems, imported the backup folder fine with no errors , the route looks awful due to lots of missing kuids, but i am now downloading missing items and will see if it works. i can at least create a cdp and archive this version . why in merry hell trainz didn't include a decent content editor in the mac verison i do not know, its the biggest disadvantage in using the program on the mac !