Trainz Dev


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What on earth is going on in there? I thought this was a game... Not some sort of government :eek:

Seems a tad too serious for a forum about a train game
We are serious about our “simulator”. This is for people who want to enjoy making train platforms and run trains but cannot afford the cost of actual building them or have the room for the platform. I belong to a G scale train group and use this to help design there layout for shows. It is a very serious simulator not just a game.
A different serious.

I agree, I thought this was about fun, but apparently when you try to, your thread gets locked, or you get banned.
I've also only been here for the fun. It's a pastime, something to relax with. If I wanted serious, I can go to the office and work.
So before we through out the baby with the bathwater, let's see how this develops. Who knows, the Dev forum might improve. If not ...
The good news is the government is now in place and there's no more voting!

We're back to business and discussing stuff, hopefully.

The purpose of this anyway was to allow more than the core members in and to manage the number of people in the forum, and it was put upon us to manage the process in what I hope will be a fair manner.
Seemed a bit of a faff, but didn't affect me in any manner, so not really bothered how a group I'm not in chooses to regulate itself.