Trainz Asset/Mesh Problem


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I've baked some Textures for a Model of mine in 3ds Max 2012, and expot it to Trainz.

The Export went through without any problems, But then I got this....

The tga file for the textures are saved with 24 bits/pixel and the RLE Compressor is un-checked. I also have the im file, config and texture txt files for it.

And I used this video to know how to import the model into Trainz 2010."]

Any idea how to fix this?
That appears to be a transparency problem. What type of material are you using (tbumpenv, etc)? Posting the content of the relevant texture.txt files will help.
I'm using .m.onetex

And this is what my texture.txt file has.

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A onetex material uses the alpha channel for control of opacity so that is why your asset looks like its made of glass. A common use of alpha channels in onetex is for masking of numbers, logos, etc.

If you want to use a onetex material remove the alpha channel from your texture image. If your image doesn't actually have an alpha channel then just remove the "alpha=" line in your texture.txt file.

You may want to consider using a bump map material such as tbumpenv but maybe you should leave that until you have a bit more experience. See this page

A 24-bit TGA file does not have any alpha. That requires a 32-bit file. You might get that 24-bit file to work if you remove the alpha line from the texture.txt file, but the correct solution is to create your TGA file with all 4 channels.
Looks like you baked the textures applied to the mesh to an image with all shadows turned on. This might look a little strong in game but that is up to you. Have you actually exported it into the game? It may look different. You could try turning off shadows for the bake. Generally, for a baked image the lighting will have to be setup correctly. For something like this I prefer to have lamps on all four sides so the lighting is even.

There may be some material settings in 3DS Max you may need to adjust. This page may help.

If you are going to build models then you should post questions in the Content Creation forum. There are plenty of 3DSMax users there that can help you. There has been an interesting thread on materials and 3DSMax today.

I'm a Blender user so my advice can only be general. If there are specific 3 DS Max questions then I cannot help.
Now what can I o to fix this?

Do you mean the warnings? Add the information to the tags, or delete the tags.

If you mean that the image is not correct then you nee to describe what is wrong with it.

Deleting the alpha line so that a 24-bit image works is not the best solution. Much better to create a proper 32-bit image.
I deleted the Alpha Channel in Photoshop before saving the TGA file as 24 bit, and the PNG Version's only to show what the textures look like.

That doesn't make sense. If the alpha is applied correctly then the image will look correct. If you have to delete the alpha to make the image look correct then the alpha has been applied incorrectly.
I managed to fix the problem I've been having.

I just needed to create a Bump file in 24 bit and assign the assign the correct map id.