Trainz 22 keeps wanting to update


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For the last few days, every time I start trainz 22 it says it needs to do an update. I did it the first time and I'm now build 122396. Even if I do the update after this, it still ask the next time I start the game. It says: An update for trainz is available from the N3V games website. Would you like to download and install now?
What to do.
Build 122396 is a Trainz Plus/TRS22 Release Candidate (i.e. the final beta before the latest update). I also received that (or a similar update - there are at least two beta update streams) and it was followed by the final Update (build 122411 in my case). The latter was a very large download (about 7GB) compared to the smaller beta update patches.

My advice would be to install the update - be prepared for a long download and install time - make a coffee, read the newspaper, watch the FIFA Women's World Cup matches.