Trainz 2019 - Crashes or Freezes Frequently in 1 hour


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I may have an unusual issue and cannot track it back to anything that may have affected the
this trainz version. Let's say that I am working on the route for about 5 minutes when the game freezes.
I have to reload the PC and start my process one more time. Now for about 30 minutes, I get
some free time when this thing freezes again.
When I reload t he PC, it will not help the freezes. Running some helpful utility programs do not help
and I cannot find any answers anywhere else. And by the way, I have 2019 version and I have windows 11 Pro.

If there is some kind of reliable fixer-upper that will work, please let me know.
Thanks so very much.

The Colonel
I don't know the answer, but I have had TRS19 freezing up on me lately as well, to the point where I have to kill it. Of course, that means a DB rebuild the next time I start it. I have not been able to track it to anything either, other than I have been trying some large routes like London to Lille.
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I also ran into this before updating to 22+. The only way that I eventually found to fix it was a clean install of 19 after backing everything up.
Hi Guys,
I only want some kind of real answer to fix it, not a similar story to make me feel good.
Let's try again to find a similar FIX for this problem.

I was getting lockups/freezes on a very large layout in 19 Platium.

I assume you have tried a "full database repair"? Check in CM that nothing is "open for edit". I did a full "missing dependancy" search. After that, I deleted everything that was showing "missing dependancies", except for Routes & Sessions. I also deleted anything that was showing "faulty" after I tried "re-vert to original" Lastly I did another full Database repair.

After doing all that, to my amazement my lockups & freezing in TS2019 stopped. i'm not to sure whether it was one of the above, or a combination of some of the steps above, that sorted out my problem/s.
I was at my wits end and ended up deciding on one last try to fix 19. (If the above didn't work, I was going to do a complete "start from scratch 19 re-install").

Cheers, Mac...
The fix is to identify the asset causing the crash.

The process is to disable all assets in the route, restart Trainz, load the route and it should run fine.

Next, re-enable groups of content until it crashes, then narrow down things from there.
...then let me know if it's one of mine. If it's not, consider contacting the asset's creator and telling them about the effect it's having. Maybe they can fix it for good and issue an update.
Well now . . .I am amazed at how important this issue is as to how it has killed performance.
Since I mentioned this a few days ago, I have tried a few thing to get the BTOD to quit.
Thanks a bunch to meatloaf and some of the stuff he had mentioned, I went back to his solution
and re-issued my intelligence and found out everything we did to improve our crummy machine
has actually worked. Yesterday I worked for about 1,5 hours and nothing happened.

I worked to a figurative stopping point, took a look at the clock, blinked my eyes a few more times
and said to myself, "How 'bout that ! Nothing happened and what I did to the files and developer
options actually worked." Thanks to all of you for the tremendous help offered for this and now
I can go about my creative effort and finish my route.

I can always count on you folks for an answer to many of my issues. Hope you have a good one today.

Col Klink :cool: