Many Trees Turning Red


Gentlemen, I am back with a rare issue which I am usually known for. This one is real cute/neat/unusual.
When I gently crawl back from a scene with many trees, they gradually begin to turn red as if they have
pine cones that shine bright. All the trees and not the pine trees only.

Not long before now, it did not occur and is in most of the trees. Not all of the authors.
If you have this situation, would you have a solution to getting rid of them. I have tried
several train settings with no success and the "off & on" parameter for the PC which does not
work either.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.
The Colonel :cool:
There have been complaints by others that have a similar issue.

Which author in particular?

Does this occur in the distance only? This would be an incorrect texture used for the distance render, meaning instead of using the correct seasonal texture for summer, the author used a red texture instead which is used for fall.

What region are you using? If the region is a clone of the southern hemisphere, the trees will turn red or other colors because this is their winter now.

Thank-you John. I knew it had to be something internal with one of the seasonal entries.
Now, what I am having to do with my trees is to delete them all that indicate "seasonal"
and find some that are a more current version and use them specifically.

One thing that would be a real help with this issue is to ask those who made those trees
to have them make the exact replica as those that are seasonal but "not seasonal"
to keep the accurate coloring the same, year round.

Or another thing would be that if you prefer to make seasonal trees, please make
an exact replica of them and do not create the seasonal effect in those. That's what
I tried to do and take out the seasonal FX and reload them. That didn't work with me.

I totally understand what you said and appreciate it greatly.
If I can improve those seasonal trees by my deletion process and make them work as the
noon-seasonal variety, I will send you a note to what I did. Here I go, back in the lab.

The Colonel :cool:
Ken M. (242091)