Trainz 2019 Bugs(HELP)


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Hi there. Man, this feels kinda awkward, being my first post, but here goes.
I've encountered some bugs that have made the game(for me, at least) a bit frustrating. These are the two most important ones:
Problem A. My automatic fireman doesn't work properly, regardless of locomotive
Recently, for some reason, the automatic fireman function has acted up. It maintains the coal level, but for some reason, it's stopped maintaining the water level in the boiler. Now, this is a problem, because if the auto-fireman doesn't work the injector, and you run out of water with a steam locomotive, you run out of steam, and therefore out of juice(this happening in real life is even MORE terrifying because running low on water can cause a boiler explosion). This is ESPECIALLY frustrating if it happens on a hill! I can still inject the water manually, but the problem is that the fireman doesn't do it when enabled.

Problem B. Cannot place trains immediately in Quick Drive, regardless of map
Okay, this one is frustrating. In Quick Drive, you're supposed to be able to take whatever locomotive(or rolling stock, if you want to have fun with freight and passenger cars) is selected(usually via the Main Menu), place it down immediately, and drive it around. And if you want to add to the train, you can simply open the "Edit Trains" option and do so. For some reason, this doesn't work. No matter what empty track I click on, ANYWHERE on the map, it prevents me from placing a train. It even produces the error sound when I try, and if I go out of and back into the Edit Trains option, it suddenly allows me to place trains down! So it's not that the placement doesn't work, it's that for some reason it prevents me from placing trains on any stretch of empty track!

I could use some help on this, especially because as much as I love this game, these bugs have resulted in so much frustration that I've uninstalled the game for many months. I only recently reinstalled it to try again, and the bugs are still present(even after deleting the data folder for the game). I'd be very grateful for any help, especially if this were to be brought to the attention of the N3V devs! Anyhow, that's all I have to say. I hope this gets resolved soon.
(P.S (This is technical stuff for reasons that might or might not be obvious.)
Version: Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, Build 114863.
Computer Specs:
Operating System: Windows 10 Home
CPU Type: Intel Core i3 10th Gen
CPU Speed: 10100 (3.60GHz)
GPU/VGA Type: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Memory Capacity: 8GB DDR4
SSD: 512 GB

Welcome railman
the 2 bugs you describe are in TRS19SP4
and think fixed in the next version SP5
a little patience and it will be ok :)
Welcome railman
the 2 bugs you describe are in TRS19SP4
and think fixed in the next version SP5
a little patience and it will be ok :)
Ah, thanks! Good to know! As soon as I saw this, I was instantly relieved. Thank you for the information! We'll see soon enough.
Welp, just encountered a new bug. Somehow, I can set the throttle to a negative amount. . .craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. Hope THIS gets resolved with SP5 as well.
Edit: So, apparently, the problem is only present on one of the locomotives I have. . .nevermind.
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