Trainz 2004 & Windows Vista


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Hello all,
My old computer died along with all my routes, content etc, and the wife( boss) wanted Vista. After installing Trs2004 I went to download station. When you click on the "download all" button in planet auran I get the error "cannot register trainz download helper key" click ok twice and download helper starts.!!! ok weird but i can live with it. then another little quirk popped up that i was wondering if anyone else has experienced. When I run surveyor I need to change display to Open GL otherwise my computer crashes every five minutes in direct x. When I'm in driver or sessions i can run direct x no problem. go figure
You need to install and run TRS200x (4 or 6) as Administrator. Once this is done, open the Auran folder and make sure all of the items in the Bin director are enabled to run as Adminsitrator.

To do this, right mouse button click on each EXE file and goto properties and change the tab at the top to Compatibility. Choose the box at the bottom Run as Administrator. Do this with the shortcut that appears on your desktop as well for the program as well.

When you do finally run the program, Vista will pop-up a message that asks for permission to run. Click on the one that more or less says it's okay to run the program.

Hope this helps.