Trainz 12 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7


Hello all,

This might be kind of an unusual question but......

My cousin, his friend and I are in the process of building a new desktop to replace my old desktop (which is about 7-years-old). We pretty much know what to put in it. But for Trainz 12, I'm currently running it on a Windows 8.1 Samsung laptop. Will it be possible to re-install Trainz 12 onto the new desktop without affecting my Trainz account???

What I mean by this is installing it onto my new desktop while keeping some of my already installed content currently on my laptop. Without affecting my account.

Will I need to backup some of the already installed content in order to do these actions??? If so, how to I do this???

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
I have my TS12 on my desktop and laptop no problem. I am doing a fresh install on my new laptop and doing one cdp at a time to prevent errors which my desktop route is full of. My first attempt at bringing my Polar Bear Express route over failed when I archived it, then tried a route only cdp but that failed too so now going to try route+non-built in cdp and see if that works.
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