Trainz in two different computers?


Want to purchase Trainz TS22 Gold but before I do would like to know if I can install in both my desktop and Laptop. I have an Alienware R13 Desktop with a 34 inch Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate Monitor and an Alienware 17 inch Laptop both with Windows 10 OS. The Laptop has TS19 installed but has never worked right since I purchased it. I would uninstall it prior to purchasing and installing TS22 or whatever. Thanks.
The game is not linked to hardware, but only to your account. You can install it on any number of computers, the main thing is not to run multiple copies of the game at the same time.
I have Trainz installed on multiple computers. Trainz Plus, Trainz Plus (beta) and TRS22PE on my desktop, and Trainz Plus (beta) on two laptops. The laptops I use for testing both the beta version and my routes/sessions on different machines. N3V (and before them, Auran) have stated that they have no problems with users having multiple installs of the same licensed copy as long as they are not in use simultaneously, something that I would find very difficult to do anyway.
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