Trainz 12 - Build Out of Date (2)


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Hi, this is version 2 of a previous thread. I'm trying to get my build version updated from 49922 to 61388. I have Shane Turner's flowchart containing all the intermediate versions and have tried to update each of those versions from the Auran download site.

I disabled the Anti-virus module of Norton 360 before starting the above and all the actual downloads were successful but when I installed the update all but one was rejected with the message "This patch file is not applicable to your current installation".

The only patch that ran was the direct patch from 49922 to 61388 which downloaded its 1.8Gb successfully, started its installation
but then failed with the message "Failed to create backup of file C:/ProgramFiles(x86)\N3VGames\Trainz Simulator 12\bin\DebugInterface-7c.dll.pbk". I made 3 separate attempts to run this patch and all failed at the same point.

I have checked that the file is present in the Program Files directory and have about 500Gb of space on the disk but for some reason the install will not get past this point.

Would be grateful for any advice, thanks.
pbk files are backups created by the patcher. If you get this error messages, there are backup files remaining from a previous unsuccessful patch.

Hi, sorry for the delayed response but Christmas suddenly appeared.

I've finally managed to update my Trainz version from 49922 to 61388. Unfortunately most of the content seems to have disappeared from all my routes. I can still view the route as a map but once zoomed in there is minimal content available, even the paint has mostly disappeared. I can still see all the track layout but only as white lines and items such as the power station etc no longer exist. Is it possible to fix this is should I just restore to an earlier date and return to 49922?

Would be grateful for some advice thanks.