Train derails after collision with truck


33 Year Old Railfan

According to the article, they're calling in a competitor to the company that owned the truck that was hit by the train.

"HEPACO and Marion Environmental are the two cleanup companies that will be assisting Norfolk Southern with the cleanup of the diesel and other materials. A representative with Norfolk Southern told the fire department that they hope to have the cleanup and repairs completed by Friday morning."
And here's the crossing via Google Street View, sans collision. The accident occurred on the tracks in the foreground, which is Norfolk Southern, the ones in the background is CSX.!8i6656

Except it didn't actually happen at that crossing. I know some of the news outlets report it there but its actually at the crossing before that which is at Wauhatchie junction. This is where trucks cross to get to Clean Harbors Environmental.
Not that the injuries from this accident are funny (which they aren't), but a train hitting a truck that assists in cleaning up derailments and having the train derailing, it's pretty funny. And ironic.