I need help finding a statue, memorial, or something similar


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So I got this small area of a town on a route I'm making that I'd like to make a small park featuring some sort of statue for someone important to the history of the town, or a war memorial, or something similar. I'd like a bit of help finding some item that would fit this as I am having a hard time finding such an item on the DLS. I'm looking for a memorial or statue that doesn't take up much room. Here are a few examples to give you some ideas of what I'm looking for. This one has a connection to me as it is in the town that my dad grew up in.

Or like this. This is the local Veterans Park. Note the large, upside down rifle to the right. It's a tribute to the Battlefield Cross:

Or something like this, which is a statue to the person who gave the county I live in its name:

This is the area it has to fit in, which is the triangular area marked off by the two roads and the track at a 45 degree angle. I have yet to redo the ground textures as there was something else there that I decided to remove.
I remember several assets of horse statues, monuments and the like but I think there had foreign names so I don't remember what they were. You may have to use Google Translate to find the Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc. translations for words like "Statue" "Monument" etc. then search the download station using the translations.

If everything was in English things would be better.
Here's 4 memorial KUIDs I have, not sure where I got them, but one is built in and the others may be findable:
<kuid2:225064:4020982:1> Memorial
<kuid:252585:111118> SBS ARB WM Arbroath War Memorial
<kuid:211025:20129> Gagra memorial 1945
<kuid2:1942:34007:1> Misc Memorial 1942
In Trainz settings tick the manage content as thumbnails. Goto CM and select all content and enter memorial or monument into the search window. You should see a lot to choose from.
Which do you like better?

Both pictures have flags representing all five branches of the U.S. Military and a flag representing POW/MIA.
This one:

Or this one:
I want to add something else about the above pictures: I've yet to add foliage and other details, such as people, cars, etc., so this is not a finished park. I just want to know which statue in the center of the pictures do you think looks better in this park. Whichever gets the most comments will be the statue that will be there when I release this route.
I don't think a cross is fitting for a military remembrance garden. Most symbols used are non denominational as the faith of the fallen is varied.