Bellows Falls Tunnel


Steam Nut
So I was recently looking around bellows falls in google maps (as you do) and stumbled on the tunnel. At first I thought it was just abandoned trackage but found the linked street view image. I think its my favorite thing I've found in a long time. that fact that a building was basically built on top of the portal and the tight clearance's all round, it just screams "mountain branch line" and I love it. :D!1s9VOkfjNeVbM9h1uzeWEeFA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
That is a cool tunnel. I've seen the line in real life quite sometime ago. Bellows Falls is located about 3 hours north of where I live. I modeled something similar on one of my routes. It was a pain to get things to come out right, but using some nice retaining wall splines, buildings, and textures it can be done.
What an interesting floor mining project that must have been (to enable double stacks), replacing 3 to 4 tiers of huge stone blocks, one at a time so as to prevent a total collapse of the old original tunnel above.