Train asset commandeers view & interaction. Any help?


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G'day All,

OK, so this is a weird one, if you can bear with me....

After downloading The Switchback's new route, Hatchet Creek, and starting to play around with it, I went on the hunt for new narrow gauge stock on the DLS, particularly for 30 inch stuff. I found some beautiful Southern Pacific passenger cars by the late Ben Dorsey which I thought would be great for the route.

When I place them on the route though, they cause some very strange behavior indeed. In surveyor mode, once I've placed them, no matter what other trains or rolling stock I try to interact with (move, select etc), it will always act on those carriages! i.e. if I try to move other rolling stock or engines, no matter how far away they are from the carriages, only those carriages will move!

And, if I go to driver mode, the game will "lock" onto those carriages and I can't select any other trains or rolling stock to operate or view.

They basically commandeer the focus of any interaction with the game.

After a little bit of experimenting, it seems that only these ones exhibit this behavior;
<kuid2:210518:6029:2> 30ng SP_Combine_17
<kuid2:210518:6027:2> 30ng SP_Combine_8
<kuid2:210518:6028:2> 30ng SP_Business_Car_20
It doesn't matter which one I place, as soon as any of these are on the route, this behavior starts. If I place multiples of them, I *think* it focusses on the last one placed, but I'm not certain. (I've modified the names slightly to help me categorise equipment)

There are also these two in the set, but they don't seem to show this odd behavior.
<kuid2:210518:6026:1> 30ng SP Baggage Car 4
<kuid2:210518:6025:1> 30ng SP Baggage Car 12

This is in TRS19, build number 114800

Here's a pic of the items for reference;

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before, or have any idea what may be causing it? I'd really like to be able to use these assets as they are lovely models, but won't be able to if they can't be fixed.

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions.

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