I know you can have more than 20, but I don't know what the limit is.

edit: I have 40 vehicles in my region "Right-Hand Drive DES" <kuid2:101046:100236:5>
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As near as I can tell, all 40 of my vehicles show up on my highways at one time or another. This 3 min. 14 second video shows it best. It HAS NOT been edited. I just placed my camera on the highway and recorded.



That's interesting. Maybe the limit has been expanded in recent years, or it just never existed!

Hi all. I am running 30 vehicles in my route but I will experiment and see if I can squeeze a few more in. All 30 of mine show up anyway so I know that works. We were fiddling with this a while back I think Kieran??? correct me if I am wrong.

TRS2006 and Trainz Classics (TC) allowed 16 cars in the region and another 16 in the route. That was increased at a later date and TS10 and later can cope with many more.
I believe the Wiki pages I wrote on this subject are still current. Refer HowTo/Add_Carz_Traffic_to_a_Route
hi Pev
i tried adding the cars direct to 2010EE, but none of those showed
only what was in my Australia

weird eh?
for the help
Make sure you add this to the Config file of the vehicle or the cars will not work at all:

trackside 0.01