-Traffic lights


Still plays with Trainz
Being a former railroad clerk with the Northern Pacific, I worked mostly night shifts. Therefore I have a tendency to model my sessions at night. The troublesome aspect is cars continue to move up and down the roads and highways but they do so without headlights. Has anybody produced and uploaded a Traffic asset with headlights on the cars and trucks? If not, any suggestion about how to go about converting the Traffic cars to cars with lights?
The cars by Lotharhake (HP_) are a few I use that have lights. Dermmy's(Checkrail.com) EVWR downloads has a region included with lights. Dave Snow has a Right Hand Drive region. These are some examples that have assets with lights.
Deane's cars and trucks too have lights as well as some Russian vehicles, though these are not necessarily Russian per se. For these look for the Carcaz or how they are spelled.