TMR17 again fails to download [FIXED}


19 Years of Trainz
Even though I have entered my username/password properly (and received the correct results) I cannot download anything in TMR17 CM again. This was fixed once, but apparently is now broken again. Anyone have any idea how to get this back? The error is:

- Unable to search asset <xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>. Your registered products do not grant access to content of this version..

This is for Build 85470.


If the asset is or contains a version number higher than your sims it won't download. Don't look at what it states as the sim title as people have upgraded to a newer version but failed to change the original name of the sim title. Created in Trainz 2004 with version 2.6 could now read created in Trainz 2004 and version 5.0 after an upgrade to the asset.
Could be your DRM certs. I believe if you replace them with something from TANE SP3+ (but preferably TRS22 as the latest one expires in 2121) you should be good to go. Hiawathamr did a tutorial thread I believe on how to do that so just follow that and you should (should) be good to go. Hope this helps
I tried copying over the TANE certs, but that didn't help. I'll give TS19 a go and see if that helps. I don't own TS2022.

So from what I remember, close the app, delete the certs that TMR17 comes with (but keep a copy in a folder just in case), then copy-paste the TANE SP3+/TRS19/22 certs over into the same folder, close the folder, reboot TMR17, wait for caching, try loading the game up. If that's what you did I don't know what's going on, I replaced the TANE SP4 certs with TRS22 ones and those worked fine so

Also just a note this is what I've read, I only own the TMR17 content and the oldest DRM version I own is TANE digital so. But this should work
Fixed it yet again. had to copy/paste the certs from TS19 to get it running again. Regardless of the status of any version of software, the maintenance of at least the certifications, so a person can get it running, should be maintained. heck, even Microsoft still takes care of Windows 98 and XP certifications. No more updates, but the certs are still there.