time to upgrade hardware?

Bought a rig in 2020,was supposedly future proof and optimised for TRS 19./ Windows 10.
Have since upgraded to Windows 11 and Trainz 22.
Experiencing game lockup or sometimes whole PC lockup when operating Chrome and Trainz at the same time, on 2 screens, and on one screen with Trainz in background.

Typically running less than 30 AI trains on low resolution layout, could previously handle 45+ on TRS 19.
Task manager screenshot attached. Getting a red for power on Trainz, Chrome is running with 2 page views and 1 Youtube video to simulate unstable behaviour .

Any input would be gratefully received. Have been advised that my water cooled custom rig could possibly have been fitted with a recalled cooling fan.
Task manager screenshot
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Hi Kevin, it seems to me you might have a memory problem, or lack of free disk space. Also, your computer may need a clean-out, although if you have only recently upgraded to Windows 11 that might not be necessary. Unfortunately you haven't included your computer specs so it is difficult to determine whether your hardware needs updating. If, as you say, Trainz 19 was running well, then TS 22 should run well also. You mention cooling, is your computer overheating? In the meantime, download a freeware copy of IOBIT Advance System Care 16 https://www.iobit.com/en/products.php?name=asc&ver= and do a scan of your hard drive to clean out any rubbish that may have accumulated. But until you can tell us more, there is not a great deal of advise the community can offer.

thanks Bob, are you able to see the screen grab and snip from the original specs PDF that I have linked to?
Ironically, I forgot to stop and save Trainz before installing IOBIT. Result was immediate PC lockup...
Rebooted, completed install, 27GB of junk, comparable to usual find on Windows Disc cleaner. also optimised 1600+ items.
I cannot answer regarding your lock-ups, but I would not be concerned about the 'very high' power usage in task manager. It's just a simple metric to show which processes are demanding the most energy from your system. My rig is older than yours (I7 6700K and gtx1080), but for reference my task manager shows 'very high' power usage as soon as I start the Trainz launcher.