I Taught Content Manager Plus a New Trick!(Large Pics)


:cool: It all started with TrainDispatcher3.

I wanted a large monitor for viewing train dispatch diagrams offered for the dispatching simulator in full view.​

I had a 19" widescreen monitor but even at 1440x900 res. the chosen track charts could not be displayed in full view....I played the game anyway...​

I bought a 17" standard res. at 1280x1024 & run dual-view mode...using a 8800GT card.​

Then, one day I windowed the TD3 payware version & put the upper left corner as far upper left as I could & pulled the window down & right as far as I could stretch the screen....to 2718x1368 resolution!​

Here is the result...reduced to 800x402 to present my new toy for the Holidays...TD3 Beginner View...

Here is the Classic View of Norfolk Southern's Georgia Division, Atlanta North District...2714x1363 res. reduced to 1063x534

Needing to select trees for my new route, I searched Content Manager Plus for Category/Flora/Trees/Fall & saved the search to a tab called Fall...there are 201 assets listed, including my local folder. By the way, the route is divided into three parts. Jersey to Phelps, Freeman to Lindale & Brice to Austell(Atlanta). I'm already running Trainz on the 1st map & reference this TD3 Trackchart for track & signals....it's sooo hot!​

I wanted to view the thumbnails & suddenly it dawned on me to put monitor #2 in the picture...fourteen thumbnails at a time...2719x899 res. reduced here to 1024x339...

Of course there is a seem at the monitor edges, however there is no loss of view. The 19" monitor displays the Windows Title Bar & Task bar, the 17" does not.​

Then I suddenly realized why Content Manager Plus as well as Content Manager v2.0 always tries to update the Trainz Asset Database...​

In my C:/TRS2006 Folder there is a sub-folder for caching CMP...that is the location for all the thumbnails from Download Station.​

All content that has a $screenshot$ in the asset's folder is stored at this location. No screenie means...
No screenie.

Of course it would take CMP a long time to log the entire DLS screenshot collection, but you can use ESC to stop the action & continue on editing in CMP. All the thumbnails are stored on your computer & whenever you need them, they'll be there. Being .jpg files, they are lightweight & handy if you are creating routes, etc.​

So what for the holidays? I recommend a second monitor...!​
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Hi Backyard

I too am a big fan of TD3. I spend as much time on it as I do Trainz.

My method is not a second/multi monitor, I use a laptop sitting beside the main monitor.

Just as effective also.

I have 2 monitors in order to help me run my layout. When you have a layout of 100+ miles with large operations including trains that are over 100 cars long and run at different speeds, you need the extra monitor to pull up maps and mile posts just like running a real dispatcher and a train with your conductor telling you the mile post etc.
Trainz, trains or trainee's?

:cool: Great!

I hope you are telling me you have found a way to run Trainz on one monitor & the Map View on another monitor!

I want to do this...!

Since my future route will be basically the same as the TD route, I'll get a chance to explore the possibility of how to dispatch the route using TD3.
Auran might consider implementing a native, programmatically correct implementation for dual monitor setups, where the action is all happening on the main screen and the second screen would hold information screens, the map, consist info, dispatcher possibilities, etc. which should be customizable and extendable too. (not an easy task though)

A very good example for such a game would be Supreme Commander, which has such an option built in. (Wikipedia Info Link)

Maybe that's something for the Suggestions Boxcar forum ?

For now I guess it would be possible to put the TrainzMap window on one screen and then start Trainz in windowed mode and move it to the other screen.
There would however be no interaction between the two programs and I can't say for sure if the lock (if any) on the already opened file would have any impact on running trainz.

...a good start...

:cool: Well, the idea has just been opened for suggestion on the technology of this, if it can be done by coding for free I'm sure Auran would be able to provide the help...

What would be most effective & helpful of the use of a second monitor?

SignalCC, the owner of TD3, would certainly provide interface help...at a cost...

However there is no copywrite on the use of a line graph to locate trains like the one above that dispatchers use...just particular features using that method.

The chart would take-up a lot of space of course. The Active Train List pictured could be embedded into the page, we already have a Message Alerts window in the game.

Currently we have Heads Up Displays that scan for junctions & signals ahead in-game that could be configured to show on the page....scanning the entire route is also being done, with it's own method of access.

My HP-L1706 monitor is basically a "business" monitor like you would see in the physicians office...they wish they had a 17" instead of 15."

I have tried somewhat to window TRS, however no success & when I click outside the game it goes aloof...

But the simple action of being able to see the rail-lines & train locations, even to change junctions overriding AI Driver commands would definitely add excitement to any one's game, allowing the main screen to show these movements in "real-time."

Run-bys, switching command changes, scenic overlooks, accident prevention, would be the ultimate!

TrainzMap probably uses a scan function amicable to this task, however enough with a zoom function that makes viewing these details disappear.

Thanks with the link to Supreme Commander Mr. Jingles!

Great Lakes, please explain more about how & what your doing with 2 monitors(model railroading, Auran Trainz, etc).