Upgrading to a Win 7 System and possible Win 10


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Hi there guys,

I am posting to find out some information that I can't find elsewhere about running T:ANE. I've been running Trainz on Vista based systems for years (minus TRS2006 I was on an XP for most of those years in 2005-2007, until now) and I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 sometime this year so I can run T:ANE. I also want it to run few mechanical operating programs to increase the level of realism, in the terms of a barebones Stewart platform like they use to train Airline Pilots. I also intend to get an Oculus Rift when they release the consumer model some time this or next year so I don't have to get the materials to make a curved projection screen and the three projectors (to make a 270 degree projection) that is normally used when building the commercial training simulators for the transport industry. And an Xbox connect with the SDK to hack it to tune it for finger movement recognition. Maybe a visible arm's rule for trainz if you own a hacked Xbox kinect so you can see your actions rather than a mouse pointer. The latter I just described are some ideas I would like to pursue if I have the time but I want to know if these hardware pieces are good enough when combined or if they are any known issues that I need to know about

1. I want to know what might happen if I combine a ASRock FM2A88X-ITX+ FM2+ motherboard with a solid state drive of my choosing (I've noticed that my current folder size for Trainz is currently at 105 GBs so I will be getting something close to 256 or 512GB for my SSD) , 16GBs of DDR3 2400 RAM, and a 4 core 3.8GHz 100W AMD CPU for a FM2 Socket? I also doubt I will be overclocking very much.

2. Will be transferring over my current GPU and PSU, I have a HIS R7 250 ICEQ 1GB GDDR5, which is an AMD Mainstream GPU. My current PSU is an EVGA NEX650 650W Power Supply, Its modular and as a result I have cables to power almost any piece of near past hardware. I am sure that the PSU will not be giving me problems since I won't be able to crossfire the GPU with only one PCIe 3.0x16 on the motherboard.

3. If this is not enough then what should I continue to save up for to invest into a new rig.

4. Should I consider a master and slave motherboard running pair if I stick with these spec later on?

5. Does anyone have any ideas of how EVGA's Rare SR-2 (EVGA 270-WS-W555-A1 HPTX Intel Motherboard) would perform with trainz, and how much more room is there to increase the simulation quality.

6. Would these spec for the first system be enough for a later Install of Win 10, with Windows 10 coming to be released soon?

Compared with what I currently have, notably the 32 bit system and motherboard's 4GB ram limitation, and the boards' 2.67GHz LGA 775 maximum support, this will be a serious step up from my current setup.
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