This train sim is so much better than Trainz...

It's variable speed HD video playback. I could do the same thing with my camcorder for like, nothing.
I mostly meant the 360-degree visual stuff, and the obvious problem of switches and variable other things. It also has a complete train car to run it from...
Ha Ha a Trainning Simulator!

Alright men, arm the flame throwers. Wait! Stop! False alarm! Its a Trains trainnning simulator.:hehe:
a must have!?

I'm going to cut out Starbuck's for a month and pick one up in June, if the landlord doesn't mind my having a simulated rail car on the balcony. Or why not buy 4449 instead? Hmmm, maybe put it in the garage.:hehe:

Well a few years ago I bought a sim fro a site here in the UK. Can't remember what it was called but iy used actual vieo of british routes, The one I had was the Glasgow-Edinburgh main line inside the cab. So it can't be that new an idea? I did get a mail shot about a year back from the man who ran that sim.
... Can't remember what it was called ...

It was called Cabview Driver and was a video that was filmed by a diffrent company as a cab view video, and they just put 2D controls on it. It even swung to the side to have a look in depots or at passing stock. It could be jerky if you didn't keep up with the speed it was filmed at but the idea of a video on a cab view is not new.
Bernie what a punishment for living in a country with railways! Mind you I am sure I came across a reference to a suggestion that your capital should consider a tramway/light rail to the airport?
Flame throwers away!!!

The actual novelty is that it uses multi-view high definition to allow the driver to look around during training. Otherwise, it's a fairly standard train driving game.
On the other hand, it only costs about $29,000 for the full simulator, so you can get one for not much more than the price of a basic luxury sedan.

:cool: Claude
"This Train sim is so much better than Trainz..."

Oh no it isn't! Everybody get out all your sims that made you mad and start saving Trainz!!!! :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
Random Rant--

I wonder what Surveryor is like on that thing, which lever do you use to lay track? Which switch do you use to configure a signal? Which button do use to add a train to the track and drive it past the signal to test the configuration? The list is almost endless...


I don't want to come out of my trainz hole.............HOW DO YOU WORK IT IN RAILSIM?????:confused: :confused: :confused:

The editing tool looks like crap. Wierd.......surveyor is better.