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Okay, so school is finally dialing down so I can get back into Trainz.
I need to know why my handles have disappeared from the CNS&MRR steeple cabs... I wanted to send these out, but not in this condition! Anyone have a version floating that isn't messed up that wouldn't mind sharing?

Image Size: 1440x900

So far looks like all the sharks and E-units are good. Some of the updating is thanks to n8phu. I know a lot them worked regardless, but it's nice to have things up-to-date.

Resend your requests please. I'm going to take down ones I have now in the PM box and alert the users that I have. IF you do not get a response that I have your request - resend.

Include e-mail address in PM.

- Josh

OH! I'm also going to visit a friend this week. So I will be gone Tuesday to Saturday this week. Just expect that delay.
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