The End of Internet Explorer

I knew this was happening about 2 months ago, being on the TechNet forums and MS Beta for Win10.

No loss, but then again I had little problems with IE even in the beginning. Firefox was great in the beginning but that's been ruined by updates, and Chrome was okay but always had issues, and anything that was good about that has also been "fixed".

So, I use a multiple of browsers, depending upon the need with the majority of my work being done in IE. I've worked this way for years. The browser is nothing more than a tool to get the job done, and like any tool one will have a favorite. For me I have no favored browser and chose as needed.

No need to panic. IE will continue to work for awhile,I doubt MS is going to all of a sudden cut it off. It's just that moving forward, with Windows 10 the built in browser will be something new.

I've never used anything besides IE, it's worked for my needs without issues. I imagine that when the time comes I'll just use whatever the new Windows browser will be in whatever version of Windows. Right now I'm on Windows 7, and have no immediate plans to change.
IE will still be around for compatibility reasons, but their "Project Spartan" will be IE's successor. So, IE users will be unaffected by the change unless they want to update beyond the current version of IE.

Microsoft could never shake off IE's negative image. I've been using Chrome for years now. Works great for what I do. Never had a problem with Chrome. But IE was always so slow for me.
IE 6.0 was one of Microsoft's best updates to IE. It was sutible for use from 2002 to 2009, and was pretty fast. When I updated IE 6 on my old XP computer in 2009 or 2010, IE 8 was TERRIBLE on XP. Never used IE 7, so IDK how that would have performed.
I hate Interent Explorer, I only used it for a little while when my Mac broke and I had to use a windows laptop to play and do anything on. I remember suffering as it loaded the ugly looking window.