Thames river bridge (US) closed Tues-Fri

Were the founding fathers that lacking in origionality that they couldn't think of their own place / town names or was it just extreme homesickness?

This shows just how the American government are supporting railways and other non oil essiential forms of transport
;) Andy
The bridge is very old so it's about time they replace this thing. And Amtrak was going back and fourth if to do it or not,last time they said uggh nevermind. This time lets hope they do it and get it the heck over with.
Bassist,they choose it becasue they wanted the names back in the day when we were still colonies to be similiar but different to U.K. names of the day to reduce homesickness. And by looking at some of the names of towns we have today you will scared by how they are spelt and put togther so it doesn't even look like a word.
And last time I checked the founding fathers didn't name the towns etc :p
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