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Any 3D modellers interested in making a few specific highway bridges (Yarnish Compatible) for my Pittsburgh & Lake Erie route? It will be released on DLS once its ready, so public DLS models are needed. I am more than happy with most general replacement trusses through my route, but these particular bridges are iconic of the area, and will go a long way in adding a real feel to the route.

The Rochester-Bridgewater Bridge, 2 lane bridge roughly in the shape of a beaver.


The Iconic Rochester-Monaca bridge, 1930-1986, 2 lanes, designed to appear similar to the P&LE Ohio River Bridge, just a few hundred metres downstream. This bridge is the same pale sky blue as the I376 bridge below.


The Ambridge-Aliquippa bridge, 2 lanes, also pale sky blue, built by American Bridge Co., founder of the borough of Ambridge. This bridge also has the pointed finials like shown above on the other bridge.


The Shippingport Bridge, 2 lanes, a unique deck truss-through truss-deck truss design. again, pale sky blue.


The Interstate 376 bridge, 4 lanes, through-truss designed by the Michael Baker Corporation, has heated approach ramps at both ends.


Also, a general Cantilever spline that can stretch 750' (The minimum navigational clearance on the Ohio River) between points would go a long way to cover for many cantilever bridges, which are usually fairly unique, and an arched through truss spline that can span 400' would be useful as well...

I hate to ask, but I am no good at modelling, and I can only do it in Sketch-up, anyway, which seems to be frowned upon in this community. I do appreciate all the models that are available on the DLS! Thank you!
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I actually tried to build the first bridge in three parts, but I can't find an arched through-truss that will span more than 250 feet, and there are no arched pony trusses to be found...