Pro Train: Elk Canyon


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In the late 19th century the American and Canadian railroad companies were working on the expansion of their railroad network in the Northern region of the Rocky Mountains.

Driven by the enormous profits of the resources in the region, they spared no efforts and costs to lay tracks in these lands.


This route includes the spectacular railway from Badgers Burrow to Elk River via Elk Canyon. Wind your way up the mountains through numerous tunnels and viaducts. Enjoy the outstanding scenery while driving your freight or passenger train safely along the track.


Drive heavy loaded trains along the impressive landscape and keep the industries and their machineries at work... .This route features an economic environment for delivering commodities to industries and customers.



- 21 miles / 35 km new high detailed new route
- Northern US based
- Sequel to Badgers Pass
- running economic system
- four new sessions
- various freedrive sessions
- freight and passenger duties