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A question to Auran: Will there ever be a demo version of Trainz Classics as there have been for past releases? Reviews of Trainz Classics by gaming sites and franchise fans alike haven't exactly been astronomical, but before I throw the idea to the trash bin I'd like to try it out myself. A demo would fit this role perfectly.

-Chris (tm)
What can they demo on it? There are two routes. So even if you got one of them you would be getting half of the game for free!!! :D
They couldn't at least include a smaller route for the demo with one or two sessions? Or maybe chop Harlem in half :p

Safe to say, then, that TC will be the first major version of Trainz that I do not own since 1.3...I've had Trainz from UTC all the way to TRS2006.

-Chris (tm)
If you already have previous versions of TRS why would you need a demo? You would already know what to expect in terms of gameplay etc.. I can see maybe for brand new folks, but not you if you already have the older versions.
You could do this: Include a different route for the demo. And don't include Surveyor. That's half what you did with the TRS2006 Driver Demo, and half for TRS2004 demo, (though that was just a modified version of the default Commuter route). Speaking of demos, I'm curious, was Surveyor in the Hawes Junction Demo?

P.S. It's very unlikely I'll be getting TC, even the last edition. I'm planning to get Kuju Rail Simulator when it's released. Don't worry, I'll still be Trainzing, I'll still be here on the forums, I'll still be creating, (Yes, I mean Gmax, I have intermediate experience with it), just not as much.
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Mmmmmhm ...

I think i have a demo :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: No, wait ! it's just the full game i've bought ! :hehe: :p

:) I was just trying to sound Funny :)

If you already have previous versions of TRS why would you need a demo?

To be 100% honest. I feel like Aurans Trainz program is starting to progressively slip a little bit. To me, 40 dollars or what ever the price is at is not a small investment. I like to spend my money on things I know are solid.

I know I will not be buying TC until I am convinced otherwise.

Sad but true,