Tane = excellent but my large project doomed?


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I have received my Tane box the other day and it is impressive howver on a wider note I have a really serious headache.

Off an on I have been slowly building a large Irish project on TRS12 and coming along as I want. When i upgraded from TRS10 I lost all the signals and had patches of field colouring with gaps. Both in time can be sorted of course so I tried putting my proect copy into TANE and I realised I had a much larger problem when TRS10 to 12 gave me probs. Lines that have swung off embankments at curves, patches literally everywhere in fields and suburbs that need coloured in, platforms gone, hundreds of miles of hedges, areas around built up areas, boken lines all over the place and so on. I spent an awful lot of time doing the whole of N. Ireland Railways and extended from those 6 lines to doing at least 3 on Irish Rail including central Dublin, Howth Line and intended to Navan one as well. Was happy with it on TR12 and being such a large project for the island of Ireland was happy the way things were going.

Having spent so much time and as a break from occasional health matters I was determined to do all the checking to ensure all roads where should be, hedges, bushes, garden etc. There is no way i am going all over the place to try and face this mess. My only alternative is self using on TRS12 but is a tiny conclusion to what Trainzers would have got for Ireland both for the NIR and the IR. Having spent so much time on details and travelling all the way by plane from Scotland over to both north and south Ireland for Trainz this is a massive blow and I always had Trainz to be building on when other issues were pressing. I will continue to be a Trainzer but this is a big, big, blow in seeing how my project time and effort has been shot to pieces. As I said at the start, TANE is impressive but gives me no consolation for 2 year's work and too much gone missing or to do all over again. For now after having been floored I will continue building on TRS12 but means there will be nothing for the future re the latest Trainz.
Hi Bobby,

Before you press the big red panic button, ensure you have all the dependencies and there are no content errors. At the moment I am importing content slowly and have about 370 faulty items out of the 13,000 I have imported. These have various issues which take only a few minutes to repair, but alas there are lots of them. Keep in mind too that any TS12 built-ins are not available yet for TANE. You will need to wait for N3V to update them and upload them to the DLS. If your route relies on any of this content, you could have issues as well.

Firstly have you rebuilt the database after importing?

To have a successful import into T:ANE everything really needs to be error and warning free in TS12 SP1 first.
Then after importing, run a rebuild database, list everything that is faulty and select the lot, right click view errors and warnings and a lot of the faulty stuff will be cleared.

There will be missing TS12 builtins you may have used, these are all being put on the DLS at present so best to wait. There will probably be some ground texture errors due to the configs being incorrect, mostly it's just change .tga to .texture in the config.

I've been doing my route for 8 years and I got into T:ANE with just 6 Ground textures to fix however I had zero faulty items or Warnings in TS12.

I suggest you give it a few weeks and then try again when hopefully some of the faulty stuff will have been fixed and all the builtins are on the DLS
Thanks from those replies John and clam.

I did as I said have some probs moving from TR10 to 12 and having spent so much time and some 300 miles built in Ireland so far with detailed scenery, it has been an important effort. Some of that detail you raise clam I may in time get back to you re that subject and for now I will wait for any progress as said on TAIN to the the near future. Think for the present I will keep building on TR12 until later as having done so much and spent money going over to Ireland with a notebook at great cost (well I am Scots), it has been a better help than my doctor has been! There are quite a number of items int he TRS12 in my build which need to be looked at but basically I am plodding on and sticking to it with breaks.
It might be worth waiting and seeing what patches/bugfixes N3V bring out before committing such a large project to TANE anyway, where from my experience to date performance and reliability of Surveyor is a bit erratic (not to mention hardware melting). You still have the TS12 version which (presumalbly) is reliable and stable, nothing to stop you continuing to work on that - even if when complete it's outside the TS12 lifecycle the route could still be hosted at an external site such as TS.com or UKTS. We are all itching to get our route building up and running in TANE to take advantage of the new and forthcoming features such as procedural track and superelevation. However as I noted a little while ago, IMHO TANE needs maybe six months to bed in before considering as a suitable platform for a large scale route project, okay(ish) to dabble in with something small but for now I will take the reliability of TS2010/TS12 for a major project.
The analogy is: You can't build a model railroad in a rented apartment with a month to month lease.

The last permanent edition of Trainz is TS12 49922. Anything after will always be just dust in the wind requiring a ping of N3V servers.

Maybe that is why the only train sim with epic routes is MSTS.

Not sure what you're getting at Harold. So long as any TS2010 (or post life cycle TS12) developer or user has a FCT they can continue to access the DLS to get any required assets. Downloading a route which can no longer be hosted on the DLS from TS or UKTS is simply a few extra mouse clicks (plus maybe a £3 monthly sub in the case of UKTS) and opening the route in CMP to get the assets.

You are right that in MSTS is the only sim truly fixed in time (as the Dovies also are quite fond of moving their goalposts) but suffers from increasing risk of being obsolete as hardware and operating systems move further and further away from the early 2000's era. Open Rails offers a partial solition and I'm looking forward to trying the 1.0 release candidate but is still bound to MSTS for much of its utilities. And besides, 15 year old MSTS really looks 15 years old. Even newer routes don't come over that good, even when enhanced in OR.
Not sure what you're getting at Harold.
TS12 49922 is the last version that will survive without an internet connection or if N3V ceases to exist. Not about accessing DLS.

All versions after 49922 require a ping to N3V to survive. A change of database in T:ANE requires authentication to function. So if you corrupt the database or if you change computers you are done. If you backup the database in T:ANE it will require authentication to be used again. Been there done that.

The Steam TS12 which is basically SP1 HF4 works without a phone home every month but is bound by Steam.

Who can project whether N3V or my internet connection will exist even 2 years from now.

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Well, my current project(s) in TS2010 are something of an exercise to see if I can achieve what I want using purely the built in items, so could run for anyone having the latest version.

Back on topic, how does this help Bob? Not sure but assuming he has a backup of his TS2010 version it might provide a fallback position. In any event, if N3V collapsed and with them every likelihood the DLS followed, just about every route ever built for the sim would be screwed.
Well, my current project(s) in TS2010 are something of an exercise to see if I can achieve what I want using purely the built in items, so could run for anyone having the latest version
That is what I was trying to say, build in a lower version and run the route in T:ANE.

Then the route will always be available.

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That is what I was trying to say, build in a lower version and run the route in T:ANE.

Then the route will always be available.


Which is what I have been doing with SP1, build in 49922 run in 61388 to test and the same is working OK for T:ANE.
For now I have taken my route of TANE and continuing to buld in TRS12 for the present (have downloaded the TANE update). Unfortunately I no longer have my route on TRS10 hence building on 12.