TANE: couple/decoupe problem


New member
Seems like there is a problem with couple/decouple function ... when i have to decouple, for example, i click the button and red icons appears between wagons but arent ckickable. Same thing if i have to couple to a wagon. In these conditions going on with sessions is a nightmare ... yesterday i had to arrive in a certain place and decouple all wagons but it was not possible to continue.

Bob --

I had a similar issue on the Bidye.

I eventually found that zooming as close as possible to the couplers helped. Sometimes it was also easier using the 4-key view.

While I sympathise and can offer you no solution, as a beta tester who was never able to get TANE (Beta 1 and 2) started beyond the launcher screen I am overjoyed to be running sessions in TANE CE. If it later turns out that I am also unable to couple/decouple then I will still consider myself lucky. :)