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For those who don't know, the World's Greatest Hobby, an educational program to get a new generation into model railroading, created a day called 'Take a Train to Work Day', where modelers take one of their model trains to work and try to get people interested in model railroading. So I got to thinking, why not a 'Take Trainz to Work Day'? People would take their computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. to work and show co-workers and customers the capabilities of Trainz and get to try it out. The result would be a possible increase in sales in various editions of Trainz, and giving new customers the chance to build the railroads they've always wanted to make, but they couldn't make in real life for some reason. What does the rest of the community think of this?
I think its a great idea.
Check with Boss / HR first
Its a way to show not all games/simulators are violent.
Show the screen shot page. I bet they wont believe some of the routes.

"layout" planing doesn't necessarily mean trains
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If only there was a "Bring Trainz to School Day", Then maybe there would be more trainz players at school beside just me and my friend.
Probably get fired ... as a 1/2 hr lunch break is not long enough to show a route off

Also, many of us would probably get laughed out the door because we don't have a laptop powerful enough to satisfy Trainz's insane requirements.
Not that having one would make any difference - everyone will have knocked off by the time TADDaemon is done with its CMDHOST_VALIDATEs!

You're better off bringing Railworks to work.
Polaroid used to have days like this, and even had their own model railroad club complete with Polaroid boxcars. Sadly, Trainz wasn't around when I worked at Polaroid, and I didn't have a laptop that could handle it until 2010.

When I was at Oracle, we didn't have that, but I brought my Alienware in loaded up with TS12. A buddy of mine and I used Trainz at lunchtime and then after work. There were quite a few rail fans I didn't know about at work, and this brought out a lot of questions and we all had fun. Today, when I visit the office, having retired from there, I get lots of inquiries on how my routes are coming along.

I agree ask first before you do something like this unless you have 1 hour lunch times.

Out of interest, what day is 'Take a Train to Work Day'? I've got a few models I could take in....


EDIT: Hang on, have we got this right? Is the OP sure this isn't actually 'take the train to work day' as in an attempt to promote people commuting by rail to their workplaces? :p
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