Switch between manual and AI controls


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Hi, I have a route with several trains each running under their own AI schedule. Is it possible to take manual control of say train(A) while the others continue running under AI and then switch to manual control of a train(B) with train(A) automatically returning to its AI Schedule?
Yup. You can do that.

You can take over an AI train, pull it into a yard, switch the freight cars out, then set the AI to continue schedule all while the other AI drivers are doing their own thing. I do this all the time with my own routes. It's also great to be able to untangle dumb AI drivers too which decide to get things mixed up sometimes.

Right-click on the driver's icon (bottom left of screen). Issue a 'Stop Train' command. Do whatever you want with the train. When finished shunting, right-click the driver's icon and 'Continue Schedule'

You can also right-click on the loco that you want to stop.

You can also click on the small green arrows between AI commands to add in commands. Drag unwanted commands off the bar.