Interesting Fault on TRS22+ 117669


I have a Point to Point layout, (Portal to Portal), with several trains looping through the end portals
and returning via the last portal entered after a timed stay in the 'Fiddle Yard'.

I have one train that runs this schedule 3 to 4 times successfully and then stops (3 to 4 Hours into a session).
It passes several AI Location Marks without stepping the AI command line on.
It does however switch opposing junctions before it stops. Several other trains have a simalar schedule but do not exhibit this fault.
No amount of coaxing will return the train to AI control, even backing up to the last Marker the AI should have stepped through.
This particular AI schedule has run successfully for several months, (usually one of the Enhanced Interlocking Towers, EIT,
brings the session to a halt with the old de-rail the last carriage on a junction flick.
Try cloning your session and run the updated version. I have found that older sessions don't always work well when run in updated Trainz versions.