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I am fan of Railroads and Trainz serie.
I own the newest just few hours ago and i am dissapointed again.
Why auran decide to delete filtering system in Content and in surveyor?
It is impossible to find anything when you need to scroll all of content by name.
In Trainz 2006 has option of filtering content and it is quite nice to operate on this.
Now it is not soo useful.
Please fix it !
Filtering is still there.

In Surveyor - press CRTL + Shift + F

You can also create and save your own filters in content manager but it has been a while since I used TS12 so i am not 100% certain of the method (but it was fairly simple)
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I think he's talking about the handy buttons to filter by region and by type. Otherwise you have to know the name of the item and search for "station" or "gare" or maybe "perronen". Or is that "peronnen"?
And are you searching for assets for a subway, a metro or an underground?
I could use a tutorial on how to get the most out of the new system. I'm sure there are tricks I could use.
In TANE, both in Surveyor and CM, you can filter by Region and by Category (with a long list of available asset types) and those filters can be saved for future use.

As for distinguishing between a station asset that is designed for a subway, surface or metro station, etc - this has always come down to how the creator has named the asset. Users have suggested various alternative systems in the past but it comes down to a question of complexity (do we want something like the full Dewey classification system that is used in libraries, for example?) versus ease of use. How many levels, sub levels, sub sub levels, etc would be needed or tolerated?
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