TRS2022 Content Manager Pick List


Irish Narrow Gauge
I use the Content Manager Pick List in TANE. It allows me to Edit a Pick List. This is especially useful in assembling a model with its dependencies for creating a cdp.

However, this option does not seem to be available in TRS2022. Can anyone tell me if it is actually present, and if so, where it is?

In TANE CM it is at the bottom of the 'Content' menu: 'Edit Picklist'. But not in TRS2022.

NB. I am not referring to the pick list option within Surveyor and/or Driver, only the one in Content Manager.


Hi Steve - in TS22 Build 123801:

select asset(s) in CM > right click > Add to Picklist (second from bottom) OR Remove from Picklist (bottom) > select picklist

I use it in CM for sorting out non-DLS assets in new routes...
Hi Dermmy,

Yes, I've found those functions. However, in TANE CMP there is also an option to Edit Picklist which, after displaying a list of Pick Lists, you can select a particular list by right-clicking and it displays the Pick List in another copy of the spreadsheet showing all the items contained in the Pick List.

For making a cdp, I then select my model and all the dependencies which are either mine or I have permission to include in my cdp, and then I can click on the 'Create cdp' option. This produces a cdp containing my model, the dependencies which I've made, such as bogeys, and those other dependencies for which I have the creator(s)' permission to include.

In the TRS2022 Content Manager I cannot find a way of displaying the contents of a Pick List in a separate spreadsheet. As you say, it only lets me add or remove an item from a Pick List without being able to display and edit its contents.


Top left hand corner of CM, 'Filter' > Drop Down menu includes all picklist names > opens selected picklist in new window.

Then right-click to add/delete items or Save to CDP

Or I'm completely misunderstanding you ;)

Thanks Dermmy, exactly what I wanted. Definitely a case of knowing where to kick the boiler.

It's also there in TANE now I look for it but I have always used the command at the bottom of the Content menu so never even thought to look for it as a filter category in the drop-down list.

Issue solved, thanks again.

Steve :)