Surveryor Problems!

I can't seem to edit the engineers or anything eles for that matter, for this is affecting my downloaded route sessions. I'm not sure what to do. Please help me.
Ok ^

When he loads a session there are no drivers in it (even if he makes his own). We managed to get him a driver once when i sent him a train through iportal.

He also gets a strange error message when he loads anything, its in spanish.

What other problems did you have adam?
I am actually having a similiar problem. Switched computers, got a new laptop in the process that has, much to my dismay, Vista with SP1. I am slowly starting to like it, but then again, I said the same thing about Win95 from leaving 3.11 and so on.

I installed a fresh version of Trainz Classics/2006 ver 3337. Many of the routes I had before, IE the Marion HO which I throughly enjoyed, no longer work, and I get all the Spanish "missing content" notice when trying to load in Surveyor.

Any thoughts folks? I know its missing some KUIDs, and I am fairly certain I am not going to find any of the on the DLS.

Sir Rodney

Update: Ahhh the joys of searching. .....and it works so much better when you read first, post later. This may be of a little help.
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