Suggestions on uploading a new route to DLS


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Hey all!

Looking to upload a new route to the DLS and curious on
besides the map itself etc.....what else should I add as a
seperate folder?

I know about 15 kuids are not theyre but on 3 other sites
and easy to access them........should I add a text file of these and theyre
web locations to be found?

and on a trial run to upload it said 4 kuids where not my objects? (of course that I know)
but where on the dls?

tips also on a thumbnail creating and folder id I have psp9 and tried a few times resizing image but gets all blurry as a jpg? I know doing something wrong theyre....

Also most important a list of contributors is that done automatically?

Dave =)
Hi Dave, a Read Me Text file is a good idea for other content and help and maybe mention that in the description. Most people do not read them but then that is there problem, at least you have tried to help :hehe: .

I am not sure about your screenshot problem but I remember I struggled with my first and only layout.

The list of contributors is done automatically for you so no need to worry about that.

I can not remember what happened with the other problem, but hopefully someone will have an answer soon.

Hope this helps.

I shot it through now figure best way to find out what went wrong and why lol
And I figured out the thumb should be 240x180 kindda wondering wht 80x60 looked bad lol (I tossed in a 800x600 jpg) which it shouldve saved as a 240x180 that went into a saved session I was testing ugh.......

But I did add a text file of 3rd party item links and a brief running history and notes........
Will find out in a couple days if it uploads I guess.........
image here what was suppsoe to be the thumbnail.......

I can not quite remember the image size but I have instructions (for 2004) somewhere about this. Not sure if they also apply to 2006 though. If you feel like a copy out of interest, just email me and I will forward them on.

Ya I found out what to do just was having a blonde moment:confused: with the size
thnx though for help...........

Dave =)