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Jetekol just looked at your video again.

That is one fantastic looking route......wish it was filmed at normal speed so i could take in all those details.
Well populated which always brings a route to life i feel.
Great work.
Thanks a lot! Will keep that in mind, and record with normal speed next time :) And as tdstead says, I haven't made it myself, most of the route is an old V6E-route which I've remade. It's an great route from the beginning, but I thought it needed some update, and especially, some sessions you can play! Right now I'm working on an session where and road construction is going on, and there's no loop at the temporary terminus. Easy problem to solve with two trams coupled back-to-back!


The depo, which is housing a couple of GT6-trams, an MGT6 which is being tested and an R-Wagen which probably doesn't belong in this era ;) This area is mostly original, just added some more details.


Road work and an little accident... But it's not this road works which stops the tram.


Railway/tram-crossing! Really liking this, it's signaled so you gotta stop for the train. The Air balloon should probably be removed, the colors doesn't really fit the environment, but haven't found something to replace it with on DLS yet.


This is what stopps the tram! An construction-work on the bridge to Frankenberg Bahnhof, and an temporary stop have been built on both sides, where passengers gotta walk between.


Meeting with line to Hohnsen at Camitz.


Back at Schnelsen, mostly the same as original, but I've added an second track.

Hopefully I can release the route within an month or two, but depends on how much spare time I've got after working all day :) Oh, and it's being built in T:ANE, my computer can't run Trainz 2019. But it should work there too, as seen in the video!

Thanks a lot hotgrove! And very nice looking everyone!

Work has been standing still for a while now, had a lot to do in the work and real life, so no time for Trainz. But I'm finally getting closer to finish the Frankenberg route, one session is now done and I'll do couple more sessions before I'll release it. Every assets will be on the DLS, to make it easier to download and run.

First session: Construction works
In the first session I'm making there'll be an construction work going on next to Frankenberg Bahnhof, an old bridge is getting some attention. This leads to an closure of the tracks, and an temporary stop has ben built. The bridge is still open for pedestrians, but no cars or trams can cross it.


In the session you'll meet an steam-loco at the railway/tram-crossing (if you're on time...).


You could also see an Silberling-push&pull-train.



The bridge which is under reconstruction. You can note the tram on line 12 (which is an temporary line due to the reconstruction) at it's temporary stop.


An small gas station next to the loop around the Frankenberg Bahnhof.


In Camitz you'll meet line 3 (Schnelsen - Camitz - Hohnsen). Line 4B (Schnelsen - Camitz - Frankenberg Bahnhof (Brücke)) and 3 has a 40-minute schedule which leads to 20-minute schedule between Camitz and Schnelsen.

In the other sessions it'll be more normal traffic, which will be easier to make sessions about. More about that another time!

That looks really good. The first shot reminds me of a crossing at Gelsenkirchen Buer Nord Station where a tram crosses the regular tracks
Fantastic build Ruhstein and Peter! :)

I really like those catenary pylons Ruhstein, are they available somewhere?

More pics from Frankenberg. Just added some new commercials to some trams, but this will probably not be released as these trams are not available on the DLS.





The Electric and Steam Trams in Java, Part of the Surabaya

permission to donate my screenshot
greetings from Indonesia :wave:

a point of view from the city of surabaya, 1950s era



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