Still working on the Edge County Route..


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Progress has been slower than I anticipated but, we are still working on the route.



You'd better release this soon!! Don't make me come out there!! :mad:

....there are only about 6 more baseboards left to do. The delay came about due to some 'error' messages I was getting. Turns out, that they were due to my "Whistle Post Rule". If I have too many points on the layout for the trians to use their whistles at....the program protests and shuts down. Don't know why at this point but I have reduced the amount of them. So hopefully you won't have to come after me!! :D

Hmmmm. Just remove all the whistle points, and send the route to me. All will be forgiven, and we can start over. :D

Your Pacific Western Route (with my many mods) has been run so often the colors are beginning to fade. I can hardly see anything anymore!
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