Steam content showed downloaded but does not show up on the game.


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Hello, I was hoping I could fix an issue that has happened twice. I pay for the content that I wanted on Steam and says that is downloaded on Trainz. I go to find it on the DLS, and it shows that it hasn't been downloaded yet. I've tried launching the game from Steam, and also checked out the "Manage my DLC" button below the content from Steam. Any way to fix this?
Could you let us in on the secret? You know, in case some-one else has the same problem and could learn from your experience. You could become one of the "Trainz Gurus" on this subject!
When you download the DLC on Steam, load up Trainz. When you get to the loading screen, click “Content Store” and then on the top right, click “Purchased”, Hope this helps!
Interesting, DLC bought on Steam used to automatically install from Steam's servers. Now it seems that Steam DLC purchases are handled through the Train Store. I wonder if Steam still takes their 30% cut?
Yeah, not much chance of that happening. I learned the other day that Steam prevents game developers or publishers from selling their game cheaper through their own website than what the price is on Steam . Doing so results in their Steam account being closed. According to Co-Pilot,
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