Sri Lankan rolling stock


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I downloaded the SL class M6 from sRsTrainz. Since it is a Sri Lankan locomotive, I need some Sri Lankan rolling stock. Is there any out there?
I doubt there is anything on the DLS. It would be helpful though if you could post a pic or two, or three for us to see what it looks like. That will at least give us an idea what you're talking about, and perhaps be able to recommend something.

here is a link with some pictures.......I'll try and grab a
pic and post for him......
Ok,,,,best for you all,,,,take my link in previous message, there is 34 pics of Sri Lanka trains, when u see
it, slide the pics on website from left to right,,,pretty good pics, plus below pics there are numerous links to train stuff for Sri Lanka,,,I hope it helps.......Blue



Here are some examples.