Speedometer and other values not displaying


Railroad Punk
Hey all, been a long while since I last posted on here. Not since I had 2012, I think, which was... Geez, 11 years ago? Anyways, I had T:ANE, and decided to upgrade to TRS19, right around the time 22 was announced. I know, what perfect timing. Anyways, since purchasing it, 19 has stayed on my C drive, where it was taking up... Too much space, honestly, as I have a lot of content, both from the DLS and third party sites (K&L mostly). I finally got an external hard drive for Christmas last year, and decided to move the folder I have for TRS19 onto it, as it's 2TB. Imagine my surprise when, out of nowhere, the speedometer no longer shows up, nor do the other values in cab mode. I can't see boiler pressure, cylinder steam, brake pressure, coal level, water level, cutoff, etc. Is there any fix to this without having to reinstall? I'd rather not lose the routes I've built, and I don't exactly know how to back those up. Thanks in advance