sp;ine circkle


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Hi Guys
have a strange problem in trainz 2019 European trainz version
when i am in surveyor the spline circles are there all the time
doesn't how matter if i am not in spline mode or track mode
hoe can i close them so the spline circles only appears when i am
i track mode or in spline mode -like road spline
hope some one can help me
kind regards
Not sure that I am understanding you correctly.

In TRS19 (all versions) and in all earlier versions of Trainz the spline circles are ALWAYS visible in Surveyor mode. The only change you can make to that is to turn the rotation animation on or off but the circles are always visible in Surveyor mode.

They should NOT be visible in Driver mode (if this is what you mean by Track mode?). If they are visible in Driver then something is clearly wrong - but what I have no clue.
Go into settings from Surveyor and make sure there is a check mark in "Limit contextual information".


This works in my copies of Trainz 19 and TS12. I dont have T:ANE installed, but it probably works there, too.
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I will get the Occasional flashing turnout, no idea what that is. But clicking the loco again seems to fix it.